Month: March 2015

A moment of clarity

Out of the darkest factors of my soul where my demons stealthily nest, in the shadows of a now long gone childhood, mental illness and cycle of relapses, I witnessed a frightening accumulation of all my broken parts so hauntingly reminiscent of past failures I have not yet forgiven myself for compound into a seeping…

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The Gray Zone

I have become comfortable with being a suicidal depressant borderline over the past five years that when I start to experience glimpses of joy I don’t know how to react. I am starting to experience life in the “gray” zone but it’s a scary place to exist in-between blissful joy and deep desolation. On a…

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My Favorite Difficult Person

She calls me three times followed by an off-putting repetitious series of texts and it’s only been a couple hours since we left the New York City burger joint. I am immediately smitten by the overwhelming urge to heave my cell phone across the floor, watching it smash against my wall shattering into a cluster…

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