Month: June 2015

A Twist Of The Mind

“Even if I had amazing recall, and I don’t, recollection is often just self-fashioning. Some of it is reflexive, designed to bury truths that cannot be swallowed, but other “memories” are just redemption myths writ small. Personal narrative is not simply opening up a “vein and letting the blood flow toward anyone willing to stare.…

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Pain Of The Moment

Trying to rebuild a life shambled into pieces, a life that you miss, wish you hadn’t messed up and hate yourself for ruining, takes so much more effort each time it falls apart; it’s like hiking up a steep mountain from the bottom of a ditch carrying a massive load of pain, regret and loss…

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Shame Filled Road

I am not sure where this toxic shame came from but I have felt broken and damaged to my core for as long as I can remember. If I were to guess I believe it stems from issues with rejection; in lower school all the girls I thought I were my friends took group pictures…

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