Month: January 2016

Is This Okay?

So often I am told how lucky I am. I have undivided support from my family, a beautiful home, financial security, access to the most promising resources, help and education, a host of caring friends, not to mention my gorgeous rescue cat Maggie and puppy Grace. But nevertheless I find myself sadly unfulfilled, alone and…

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Questionable Future

“Are you hearing me, STOP IT, how do you have any idea what I am feeling?” The future is terrifying. I am scared of living but do not want to die. The both of them, survival and death…I’m not sure which scares me more. Although riddled with internal anxiety , the snowglobe of my insides…

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Wanting to Use

I have an infected root canal and was prescribed percocet from an endodontist. Taking pain medication has ignited my physical and mental craving for drugs. My alcoholism has taken over and I am feeling powerless to stop the obsession in my mind. Today was supposed to be the mouth surgery but since antibiotics have not…

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